Interesting Facts about Night Face Cream and Sleep

Night Face Cream

“How do you love others if you don’t love yourself?”

This is the first step in building yourself as a social person. Loving yourself means always putting yourself first, believing in yourself, doing what you love and loving people unconditionally as you love yourself. Self-love is also about taking care of your health and body. Eating what is right for you also adopting a skincare routine and resting from time to time.

Taking care of your skin shouldn’t be limited today as skincare also works with your eyes wide shut! And we are here with facts about night face cream and sleep. Let us first try to learn the difference between a day cream and a night face cream. A day cream is fortified with vitamin C for skin lightening, also a day cream has SPF to fight sun exposure, pollution and dryness. While a night cream has a thicker texture and its main purpose is cell regeneration and hydration of the skin. Because at night creams are made with retinol and glycolic acid which boosts collagen in the skin. The production of collagen starts when we are taking rest i.e., at night and hence night cream and day cream are not one. Collagen helps with skin elasticity, reducing lines and ensuring blood flow to make our skin look good.

Sleep is also important for the body as our body produces collagen during sleep. A regular sleep schedule makes our skin glow as it increases blood flow in the skin as sleep-deprived skin is dull. Healthy sleep also nourishes the scalp for healthier and longer hair. That's why you should not miss out on your beauty sleep. A night face cream and a sleep schedule become a very important part of a healthy skincare routine.

Let us look at the benefits night face cream has to offer

  1. It hydrates and soothes the skin.
  2. It helps the skin cells by boosting collagen in the skin.
  3. It also ensures smooth blood flow in the skin.
  4. It softens the skin.
  5. It also helps the skin get an even complexion throughout.
  6. It also prevents your skin from sagging.

With numerous advantages night face creams possess, they look essential for a healthy skincare regime. But what needs to be checked is that there are many ill practices that go into the beauty industry.

For instance, many face creams use parabens a synthetic that keeps the creams and other skincare cosmetics germ-free. Secondly, a compound known as Phthalates is used in products to increase spreadability it is used in creams and nail polishes and moisturizers. Thirdly, Polyethene glycol is a chemical that thickens the texture of creams, lotions and shampoos they cause respiratory diseases and cancer. They also dry the skin deducing the skin of natural oils.

What to look for in a night Face cream?


While investing in a good night face cream emphasis should be laid on its functions, type and its components. It should suit your skin type while also giving solid functions for example some night creams only help in collagen repairing and you need to buy other creams to get other functions. The most important is components that should be minimal and natural. They should be like a sweet mother is to the baby.

Mother nature cares for us and Ayurveda professes that nature has created solutions for all the problems we just need to look in mother nature’s direction. We at Bioayurveda take Vedic literature as pillars of our innovation and have created Nourishing Lift Night Face Cream. A BFF for sleep as you apply the night face cream and sleepover your skin problems to eventually fix them. It also goes with all skin types which means night face cream can be used for oily skin and as well as dry skin.


The night face cream is made from ingredients like Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Geranium, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Soya protein and yashad.

Green Tea helps in fighting skin cancer with antioxidants like Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and Epicatechin gallate (ECG) that help skin cells on a molecular level. It fights skin ageing and also reduces skin irritation and redness.

Aloe Vera is another component that works wonders for the skin in the following ways it hydrates, the skin, fights sunburns and tan lines. It also helps reduce scratch marks.

Nourishing Night Face Cream

Geranium helps in the prevention of breakouts and helps in softening the skin.

Soy protein is very rich in Vitamin E that helps skin retain moisture and fends off inflammation.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we need to lay further emphasis on how important night face cream is and its benefits. At Bioayurveda you can find the night face cream free of any chemicals or synthetics that is our pledge to health, well being and sustainability. We’re only driven by the sacred and scientific thoughts of Ayurveda that teaches no man-made enterprise can match nature’s healing and elegance. All our products have been passed through the strict security checks of FDA, FSSAI and WHO GMP. We are pretty confident that night face cream will work like a dream for your skin from which it wouldn’t want to wake up.

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