All our products are free of any chemicals or synthetics and are purely 100% organic and natural. With international quality certifications, we offer a comprehensive ecosystem for addressing lifestyle concerns and enabling selfcare with the power of ancient Ayurveda in the modern context.

We are committed to guarding the purity and potency of our formulations. Our unique combinations offer sustainability and synergy toward enabling rapid relief and fast action in conjunction with dietary and lifestyle changes for optimal health, healing and wellbeing.

Our skin and personal care products are made with the purest of herbal and organic ingredients, and we ensure: No Sulphates/ No Paraben/ No Phtalates/ No Petrochemicals/ No Synthetic Soap/ No Synthetic Cream Base/ No Alcohol/ No Silicone/ No Mineral Oil/ No Petroleum Jelly/ No Microbeads/ No Formaldehyde/ No Talc/ No Carmine/ No Aluminium/ No Animal Testing/ No Bleach/ No Ammonia/ No Lead/ No Mica/ No Artificial Color, Perfume Or Preservatives. 100% Natural Preservatives & Essential Oil Aromas.

Our ayurvedic supplements comprising capsules, tablets and drops, as well as superfoods including whey and vegan protein smoothies and mixes are purely herbal and organic, free of artificial additives as we ensure: No Hydrogenated Oils/ No Trans Fat/ No Corn Syrup/ No Gelatin Coating/ No Refined Sugar/ No Artificial Sweetener/ Non-GMO/ No Animal Testing/ No Artificial Additives/ Flavor/ Color. 100% Natural Preservatives & Binders. Vegetarian. Dairy/ Whey/ Vegan Options.

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