We partner with engaged entities in three sectors viz. Environment, Empowerment and Education, to build communities and capacities in the spirit of Sustainability..


Committed to organic farming and sustainable agriculture, along with community development that includes sharing knowledge and training with regard to modern agritech techniques blended with traditional practices. We are constantly driven to improve and empower nutrition, health, healing, wellbeing, circular economy, greenery, eco-friendliness and livelihoods.


Committed to the vision of “Everywoman a Businesswoman,” we partner with the most iconic international women's event of Women Economic Forum (WEF), a pioneering conference platform by ALL Ladies League (ALL), the world's largest non-profit community of women entrepreneurs and leaders from across the world committed to the vision of wellbeing, wealth and welfare for ALL. We believe that greater women’s leadership in community, business and society is innate to realising our vision of a more sustainable world.


Committed to partnering with educational institutions for awareness, research, training. We partner with Rai Technology University in Bangalore having state-of-the art facilities and focus on agriculture. RTU’s research and education are committed to community endeavours especially enhancing awareness of techniques and technologies that raise productivity and farm incomes, bring forth organic and chemicals-free cultivation, enable value creation at the village level itself as ‘smart villages,’ and encourage millennials in rural areas to join the sustainable agrarian enterprise.

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