Bio Hairpep Tablet 90
MRP: ₹199.00
Let us ask you a question. What do you think is the most important part about your face? Is it the eyes? Is it the nose? Or is it your skin tone? Well, most people would answer with hair. Hair is something that is so uniquely attractive that its beauty cannot be compared with any other part of our body. It is thin, bold, and colorful. What a beauty. However, our hair is susceptible to damage more than any other part of our face. As it remains exposed to a variety of foreign elements, chemicals, dust, dirt, and more, its quality can worsen if we stop paying attention and caring for it. You might even start experiencing hair fall, hair damage, or premature graying of hair if you do care for it since the start. Thus, the point is that it is very important to plan and implement a skincare routine in our lives. We understand that it can be a little tough and to make things a little easier and simpler for you, we present to you our BIOAYURVEDA Hairpep Tablet. This tablet is an herbal combination of natural and healthy ingredients that support the health of your hair. It greatly helps with the reduction of hair fall. Moreover, with the help of its nutrient-rich composition, it provides nourishment and nutrition to your hair as well as prevents hair damage. You must care for your hair and have Bio Hairpep Tablets to help do the same! Multiple Benefits Bio Hairpep Tablet Bio Hairpep Tablet provides our hair with long-lasting nourishment to give it the nutrients it needs. With the help of these nutrients, our hair stays healthy for a longer period. One of its main functions is to reduce hair fall and hair damage. It does so by increasing blood circulation and providing your hair with enough nutrients. This oil helps increase the strength of hair follicles. Additionally, it prevents premature hair loss and graying of hair. It keeps hair beautiful and young for long periods of time. Bio Hairpep Tablet is to reduce hair fall and hair damage. Increase the strength of hair follicles. It keeps hair beautiful and young for long periods of time. INGREDIENTS Amla Amla, or Indian Gooseberry, are berries that are grown on a tree that goes by the same name. They’ve been in use for hundreds of years and are immensely rich in Vitamin C, even more than oranges. They help ease digestion, increase immunity, support the health of your eyes, and control diabetes. Reetha Reetha, also known as Soapnuuts, is a well-known dietary ingredient prevalent in Ayurvedic sciences. It is used in hair care products as it helps make hair shiny and supports its health. It can also prevent premature graying of hair. Rose Rose has antioxidant properties that can help protect the cells of your skin from harmful elements. Rose helps soothe skin irritation and reduces its redness too. If you are suffering from cuts, burns, or scars, Rose can come in handy in this aspect as well.
Non-Sticky Hair 120gm Gel
Homme Grooming Non-Sticky Hair Gel
MRP: ₹71.00
Undoubtedly, our hair contributes significantly to our physical appearance, and it is evident that we are typically referring to the hair on our heads. Interestingly, every individual possesses a unique hair type, whether it be straight, wavy, or curly. Furthermore, various cultures exhibit distinctive hair types and hairstyles. Nevertheless, regardless of the hair type, it is essential to maintain proper hair care. Neglecting to care for hair regularly can result in its health deteriorating over time. One of the fundamental components of basic hair care is shampooing. Shampoo is a hair product that offers numerous benefits for the health of our hair. However, selecting the appropriate shampoo can be a challenging task as a plethora of products is available. Hence, we present to you an Ayurvedic Shampoo for your consideration. Luckily for you, we have something for you that is bound to make things easier and nourish your hair. Let us present to you our BIOAYURVEDA Homme Grooming Non-Sticky Hair Gel. It is an exotic fusion of natural and organic ingredients like Green Tea, Makoi, Gudhal, and Coconut that work together to nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate your hair. It has anti-bacterial properties as well. More so, it is suitable for all hair types! It does not matter whether you have dry hair or oily hair, you can use this without any problem. This makes it the perfect candidate to be included in your haircare routine! BIOAYURVEDA Homme Grooming Non-Sticky Hair Gel is an exotic fusion of natural and pure ingredients like Green Tea, Makoi, Gudhal, and Coconut that work in tandem to hydrate and nourish your hair. It has rejuvenating and antibacterial properties as well. It protects the health of your scalp and hair. It reduces dandruff, balding, and premature graying of hair. The breakage of hair gets reduced and boosts the volume and shine of your hair. Benefits Increases Volume It is an Ayurvedic Shampoo made out of pure and natural ingredients. It supports hair growth and helps increase the volume of your hair. Reduces Dandruff With the help of its antibacterial and rejuvenating properties, it prevents dandruff, hair fall, and itching. It also helps prevent split ends to a large extent. Prevents Premature Graying As an additional bonus, it prevents the premature graying of hair. More so, it reduces hair loss as well. INGREDIENTS Green Tea Green Tea is an amazing source of antioxidants that support the health of your heart and liver. They also play a good role in aiding weight loss. It is an organic substance that causes no harm when consumed. Coconut Coconut is an exotic fruit that has many benefits. It greatly helps in regulating metabolism. It has antibacterial properties that increase the immunity of your body. It also assists in regulating blood sugar levels. Moreover, it contains antioxidants that prevent oxidative damage to your cells. Gudhal Gudhal, or Hibiscus, is a popular remedy for hair growth. It is known to be quite effective in reducing hair loss and premature graying of hair. It reduces dandruff and prevents split ends.
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