BIOAYURVEDA is a brand owned by ARGANSHE (Pvt.) Ltd. which has its state-of-the art manufacturing facilities and laboratories in New Delhi, India.

Made with the finest organic ingredients and zero-chemical treatments amidst an ecosystem of experts, engineers, scientists, chemists, doctors, the range of products spans three main categories of Supplements, Skin+Soin, and Superfoods for your complete wellness and lifestyle needs.

All our natural organic medical herbs, plans, flowers, oils are sourced from the finest suppliers and producers across the world including Europe and of course from organic certified suppliers in India. Like in the case of tea leaves or cocoa beans, the quality of the produce and the ingredients have a huge effect on the end product. With our research over the past years added to the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, we have successfully created unique combinations and effective formulations for the support and therapeutic healing of many common concerns related to our bodily and lifestyle challenges.

Our products are made in a high pharmacy grade quality facility that is certified internationally by WHO GMP, WHO ORGANIC, ISO among others. The production processes uphold the highest standards of hygiene, quality, safety and sustainability.

With research and development infrastructure of global standards via tie-ups with universities in India and abroad including foreign collaboration with Viktesa UAB, Lithuania EU, our certified BIOAYURVEDA Laboratories International, we bring to you time-tested world-class products blending the best of science, validation and wisdom.

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