Curative Restoration

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A combination of competent Anti-Ringworm Healing Crème (120 GM), Antifungal Vaginal Cream (120 GM) and Ultra Healing Foot Crème (120 GM) are included in the CURATIVE RESTORATION COMBO and are created specifically for the personal and pathogenic requirements of women. By preserving the pH balance of the vagina, this combination guards against itching, dryness, and irritation. You may feel comfortable all day long. Moreover, its amazing foot cream not only cures the cracks but provides ultimate relaxation. The overall calming and hydrating effect of the combo,, comforts the skin, and promotes healing.


  1. Soothes Heels.
  2. Reduces Dryness.
  3. Protects From Fungal Infection.
  4. Recovers Damaged Skin
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