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AYURVEDA literally means the knowledge of life and longevity. With a deep understanding of Nature’s healing prowess, it offers exhaustive research developed and documented over thousands of years of trial and testing by seekers and seers of yore regards therapeutic benefits of plants, fruits, stems, roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, grains, spices, oils, minerals and other nutrient sources found in Nature.

BIOAYURVEDA brings to you the full spectrum of the best of Ayurveda with organic ingredients and zero synthetics in vegan and vegetarian option. Offered as a holistic ecosystem across the categories of Supplements, Skin+Soin, and Superfoods, these address diverse daily needs of our wellness and wellbeing, naturally.

INDIA since millennia stands for spiritual strength and all-encompassing love. We are beholden to the vision of showcasing the ancient and awakened glory of Mother India and Mother Earth. Further inspired by mothers and grandmothers, we offer the Nature’s goodness with a touch of indulgence and a prayer of protection.


BIOAYURVEDA is a visionary holistic luxury brand in health and wellness offering completely natural and organic products with unique herbal formulations for skincare, personal care, nutrition and nutraceuticals that serve to protect health, stimulate healing, uplift energy, balance emotions, offer anti-ageing nourishment, detox and curb stress: empowering lives with health and wholesomeness

Committed to sustainable selfcare, our ingredients are completely natural and organic, free of chemicals and synthetics. In packaging, our glass bottles are fully recyclable and our wooden boxes are eco-friendly and reusable. Copper caps offer a touch of tradition, synonymous with power of protection.


Be You. Be Present. Be ALL.

BIOAYURVEDA is committed to conscious and creative living wherein the uniqueness of each can be explored, expressed and engaged toward creating a more enriched world

We envision all to be living with the fullness of health, energy and purpose furthering collective calm, creativity and culture.

Inspired from Mother Nature and curated from the legendary heritage of AYURVEDA, our products foster a nourishing ecosystem enabling these vital principles in us, propelling each one to:

As we EXPLORE who we are and stay true to that;

As we EXIST in peaceful presence, enabling our skills and strengths to serve;

As we ENGAGE with creation to be in blissful blossoming of all that we can be.

Our Emblem: Chakras

Chakras are energetic vibrational centers in the body that can greatly empower our energy when in balance and harmony.

The emblem of our chakra with eight spokes reflects the eight chakras in the body which can be optimally engaged, awakened and energised with the wisdom and practice of AYURVEDA, leading us steadily through the stages of Self-Acceptance, Self-Awareness, Purposeful Action, Selfless Service, Leadership, Vision and Spiritual Realisation.



Founder, ALL Ladies League (ALL) | Women Economic Forum (WEF)

Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI)

SHEconomy | BIOAYURVEDA | G100

Chancellor, Rai University



Among Top 100 Most Reputable People on Earth (Reputation Poll 2019)



Thought Leader, Global Icon & Visionary for Women, Businesswoman, Philanthropist, Author, Humanitarian, Spiritual Seeker and Compelling Speaker, Dr. Harbeen Arora manifests multifaceted leadership with strength & simplicity.



ALL Ladies League (ALL), Women Economic Forum (WEF), SHEconomy, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI). 


Dr. Arora is the Founder of ALL, WEF, SHEconomy and WICCI.With a powerful global network of 250,000 women and supporters across 120 countries, and growing toward ‘Mission Million,’ these platforms and ecosystems are among the largest global communities of women entrepreneurs and leaders across all walks of life. 


ALL Ladies League (ALL) is our She-for-She movement for uniting the women of the world as ‘sisters beyond borders’; Women Economic Forum (WEF) is our conference platform for women’s greater visibility, voice, and recognition as we speak, share, connect and collaborate for our ‘business beyond borders’; SHEconomy is our e-commerce platform for both goods and services by women entrepreneurs for energising our “e-commerce beyond borders’ ; and WICCI is our industry and business chamber for ‘advocating policies beyond borders,’ for empowering our influence on policies and decision-making. 


In particular, WEF has held 41 editions globally from 2015-2020, including in USA (Los Angeles/New Mexico/Santa Barbara/ New York-UN), Canada (Vancouver), UK (London, Birmingham), Europe (Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia), Nordics (Iceland), Caribbean (Grenada), MENA (Egypt, Tunisia); Australia (Perth), Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina), and across India (Delhi, Bangalore, Gurugram, Chennai, Madurai, Kolkata, Guwahati, Goa). Highlights of various editions can be viewed on WEFTV. 


Eminent dignitaries and thought leaders have spoken on our WEF platform, including Heads of States, Nobel Laureates, Royalty, Ministers, Mayors, Businesswomen, University Presidents and Professors, Judges, Industrialists, Ambassadors & Diplomats, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs & Youth.



Dr. Arora has investments in sectors of health and wellness, agriculture, skill development, real estate, and renewable energy. Her company Arganshe owns the world famous BIOAYURVEDA brand in organic and Ayurvedic health, healing, wellness & wellbeing. 



All the platforms for women empowerment viz. ALL, WEF, WICCI, SHEconomy are free and philanthropic, and are dedicated to empowering local and global ecosystems of sisterhood, support and success for women’s entrepreneurship and leadership. 


Dr. Arora is also the Chancellor of Rai University in Ahmedabad, Rai Technology University in Bangalore and Jharkhand Rai University in Ranchi, India. These universities focus on educating youth from underserved sections of society especially in fields of farming and agriculture toward empowering local livelihoods and capacity building.



A business leader with great affinity for philanthropy, culture and peace, Dr. Arora has vast experience with promoting: ancient heritage of traditional handlooms and crafts; tourism, arts and culture; international trade & ties, business collaborations and partnerships; conflict resolution and peace building.



She is the author of three books on the subjects of creative living, human values and higher education viz. *Creative Living: Discovering your Beautiful Path and Lifestyle toward Happiness and Well-being ; *The Seven Sacred Sai Values Innate in Every Human Being: How to Apply Them in Our Daily Lives for Happiness, Peace and Well-being; and *Dawn of a New Vibrant India. 



Dr. Arora is a humanitarian who believes in the sacred oneness and interconnectedness of ALL, with a vision of “Vasudeva Kutumkam,” the ancient Indian ethos of the World as One Family. An ardent devotee of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, she seeks and strives to follow the guiding mantra of Love All, Serve All.



Recognised and lauded for her work across India and Internationally, Dr. Arora has received many accolades for her relentless and selfless leadership and exalted vision of women empowerment with peace, parity and prosperity for All. She was listed among the top 100 Most Reputable People on Earth by Reputation Poll in 2019. The list also featured Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, Queen Elizabeth and Oprah Winfrey. She was honored by the Evolutionary Business Council, USA as a Global Impact Leader wherein nominees included the Dalai Lama. She was honored by the President of Egypt at the World Youth Forum 2018. She has been felicitated for Excellence in Women Empowerment by Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, and received the National Award for Social Entrepreneurship and Education by Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry in India.



Dr. Arora holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Delhi University, Masters from King’s College, London University and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), and PhD from Sorbonne Nouvelle, University of Paris III.



With a passion and flair for languages, Dr. Arora is fluent in four languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, French, and it is her constant endeavour to keep learning more. 



Twitter: @harbeenarora ; @creativeliving